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Todays Games (16)
LAX 03:30PM JV Annapolis Annapolis Northeast
LAX 03:30PM JV Chesapeake Chesapeake Southern
LAX 03:30PM JV North_County North_County Arundel
LAX 03:30PM JV Old_Mill Old_Mill Meade
LAX 03:30PM JV Severna_Park South_River Severna_Park
LAX 04:00PM JV Queen_Annes Queen_Annes Stephen_Decatur
LAX 05:00PM V Annapolis Annapolis Northeast
LAX 05:00PM V Chesapeake Chesapeake Southern
LAX 05:00PM V North_County North_County Arundel
LAX 05:00PM V Old_Mill Old_Mill Meade
LAX 05:30PM V Queen_Annes Queen_Annes Stephen_Decatur
LAX 06:30PM MGB Meade_HS_Turf GORC Arden
LAX 07:00PM MGB Annapolis_HS2 Crofton Ayla
LAX 07:00PM JN Kinder_Park Green_Hornets Hawks
LAX 07:00PM V South_River South_River Severna_Park
LAX 08:00PM MGA Annapolis_HS2 Ayla South_County
High School regular season resumes the week of April 21. Youth season also resumes Monday April 21.
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High SchoolHigh School Regular season continues